Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality recruiters find success with Chef Direct because we create solutions that exceed expectations. Find out more about permanent and casual hospitality staff.

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Health and Aged Care Kitchen Staff

Health and Aged Care Kitchen Staff

Our chefs have extensive experience across the public and private aged care sector and understand the importance of quality food and individual dietary requirements. Learn more.

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Hire a Chef

Hire a Chef

Hire a chef across the entire hospitality industry including hotels, bars, pubs, and clubs. Private clients can also hire a personal chef for that special occasion.

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Hospitality Recruitment Melbourne

A solutions-focused approach and thorough selection process ensures we present the most experienced and professional hospitality workers to our clients.

Through Chefs Direct, recruiters have the opportunity to find chefs and other hospitality staff that meet their specific needs. Quickly fill unexpected gaps in your staffing or seek more permanent or long-term hospitality team members through a secure and trusted agency.

Whether it's casual recruitment for a bar, restaurant, or hotel, or more permanent placement in a hospital or aged care facility, Chefs Direct provides a trustworthy hospitality recruitment service across Melbourne.

Chef and Hospitality Agency

Chefs Direct is a chef and hospitality agency that deploys casual chef hire services to the wide hospitality industry.

Our rates are competitive, our service is fast and reliable, and our chefs are well qualified to take on any job in any situation.

We service all areas of the hospitality industry, including pubs, clubs, caterers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Chefs Direct offers a variety of services including:

  • Casual placement
  • Long-term placement
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Consultancy for new business start up, existing business restructures and profitability analysis
  • Private chef hire for individuals
  • Demonstration chefs

Chefs Direct is the only ISO 9001-2016 Accredited Agency in Melbourne, and as such we pride ourselves in our rigorous recruitment processes, which ensures we pick the cream of the available crop of chefs seeking casual employment.

Phone us today on 1300 95 17 59 to book a chef or join our agency and find out why Chefs Direct is the leader in chef and hospitality recruitment in Melbourne.

Why Us?

  • The best chefs
  • The best staff
  • The best service
  • Rigorous Recruitment process
  • All Chefs Certificate IV qualified
  • Full ISO Accreditation

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